Monday, June 6, 2011

Sequel : Mission to Moscow (Mystery on the Trans-Siberia Express)

This novel is the second in the AngelTeam series, Mission to Moscow.-It is an exciting story of mystery, adventure, and romance, in which hope, faith, and love conquers all.- The story begins in the Prologue when there is a sudden kidnapping
in Russia, leading to a rescue and a thrilling trip by the people on the Trans-Siberia Express. -A mystery occurs during the trip which remains unsolved.-The characters discuss it, but, at the end they still can't decide what really happened!So many questions remain unanswered. The train conductor says, "Case closed!" -Another character insists, "We may never know what really happened.-It's a puzzle, a mystery!" ---Then, at the end of the trip a certain mysterious character disappears!-Where did he go?-Finally, in the Epilogue, at the conclusion when the story is "wrapped-up", this man of mystery re-appears.-Just who was he, anyway?-The Author suggests to the Reader several possibilities.-So, my friends, what do YOU think?---Contact the author at:


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AUTHOR CHARLES WALTER WOOTEN has completed a trilogy,three novels in the AngelTeam series:
*Letters From A Chinese Angel" ;
"Mission to Moscow," and,
"Journey to Jerusalem," available as a personally-autographed boxed-set.-Order yours in time for Christmas as an inspirational gift, from